Welcome to the Geography & Ecology Club
"Da Vinci" Centre for Science, Culture and Art

Promeni jezik: Srpski

Geography & Ecology Club within the "Da Vinci" Centre for Science, Culture and Art is based on events and trips related to geography and ecology.

It is primarily dedicated to nature. Members of our Facebook group can follow interesting information and activities organised by the Club.

The GEC is lead by Aleksandra Cvetković.

Terms for joining our trips:

By signing up to any of the trip organised by the Geography & Ecology Club, you accept the followin terms:
1. You take full responsibility for your own safety and well-being. We will not visit caves with dragons but every participant will be aware of their health issues and other limitations.
2. You will ensure that you have everything that you need in accordance with the nature of the trip and possible health issues and other limitations.

GEC will provide all information regarding the trip and every participant will observe any set terms.

A very important goal is that everyone involved have fun, get relaxed and a bit educated in the process.


After three trips you become a member of the Geography & Ecology Club. Membership grants certain discounts for Club activities.

You will receive your GEC membership card on your fourth trip.


Purpose: Trip
Receiver: CNKU "Da Vinči"
Account: 205-229503-85 (Bank: Komercijalna banka)